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A ruling by the European Court of Justice has paved the way for patients on long NHS waiting lists to seek treatment within another EU country, with the Department of Health to pay the bill. The ruling by the European Court of Justice followed a case brought by two Dutch patients whose government refused to pay for their necessary treatment abroad.
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Coping with Glaucoma
A Guide to Living with Glaucoma for You and Your Family

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The Eye2Eye Team . . .

Hi. my name is Geoff Lord, and I am 50 something. My career in Optics spans more than 25 years which has seen me in roles as a Sales and Export Manager for some of today Largest and most famous Spectacle Frame and Contact Lens manufacturers. I enjoy working in the Practice as this keeps me in touch with our Patients, many of whom have become friends over the years. My hobbies are Traveling, Surfing the Web, and an occasional game of Golf.


Hi, My name is Andy and I am not going to reveal my age on the grounds that it may be detrimental to my good looks. I have worked as an optical technician and an optical practice as an assisitant Manager since leaving school . My hobbies are Free hand drawing and fine art, model making, and having an occasional Pint at the local with my friends.


Hi, I am Shirley and I am Geoff's wife . My age is a very closely guarded secret. I have worked in Opticians Practice for many years as dispenser, receptionist, and office management. My hobbies are reading, traveling, and an occasional game of Golf.


Hi, I am Jo and I am still very young and I live with my partner Graham and my two young children. My main work is as an Optical Dispenser at a Practice where I have worked since leaving school. I joined as trainee starting as a receptionist and later progressed to Dispensing and practice assistant manager. I enjoy helping people and like helping and advising them on the various types of lenses available and the Frames that suit them the best. My hobby is looking after my 2 beautiful Children



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